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Mortgage Refinance Eugene OR

Is Now Really The Time For A Eugene Refinance?

Eugene Oregon Mortgage Refinance

Todd Zimmerman – Eugene Oregon Mortgage Refinance Expert

For most Eugene homeowners right now is the perfect time for a Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance. In fact with today’s record low Eugene mortgage rates this is an opportunity that should not be missed.

Why take out a Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance loan? A refinanced loan can possibly lower your interest rate, reduce your payments or decrease the amount of time it takes to pay off your home loan and give you the cash that you deserve to pay off debt or to just take a needed vacation.

With Eugene mortgage rates at historically low levels you could take advantage of a Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance and cut the time it takes to pay off your loan and even pay less each month than you are now! This can put you years closer to financial freedom and having a debt free asset to leave to your loved ones.

If you find yourself burdened by high interest rate credit card debt and personal loans we can help. A Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance might be an ideal way to consolidate debt and help you to finally retire.

Call Us, we have many different ways to rid of that bad debt quickly and once again help you to sleep at night.

To determining how much you might save with a Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance depends on many different factors, here is just one Eugene refinancing example of a homeowner with a current $250,000 balance on their mortgage.

At 6.5%  Instead of worrying each and every month how they are going to keep up with payments of $1,580.17, by refinancing now at 3.75% they could reduce there monthly payment to just $1,157.59.

WOW! That’s a saving of over $422 each and every month. Just imagine if the difference were then invested in a retirement account with compounding interest for the remainder of your Eugene home loan. At just a 6% annual return this could add up to over $200,000!

It’s time to take advantage of a Eugene Oregon mortgage refinance

Are you ready to refinance your current mortgage?

Call Us or Apply online to be pre-approved.

Find out how we can help you save money refinancing in Eugene Oregon.

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